How do I get a quotation or place an order?
Simply phone us or complete our online Quotation form available from our Home page
How quickly will I have the quote?
We guarantee that you will have our quote within 48 hours, Monday to Friday
Is your design service really free?
Yes, this service is complimentary and entirely free on the basis that you purchase your medals from us. Artwork and proofing documentation remains copyright owned by SupremeMedals.Co.UK. If you decide not to go ahead there will be a service charge of £95 + VAT
How much will the medals and ribbons cost?
This depends entirely upon the size, thickness, finish type and quantity that you decide upon. Our "Elite" range is the highest quality of custom medal available and generally our excellent "Imperial" range will cost less. We are highly competitive and as we do not use "middle-men" you can rest assured that you will benefit from wholesale equivalent pricing. Please complete the quotation form to obtain a precise and itemised costing.
What is included in the cost?
Design consultation, design service, supply of the item within 6 weeks (at peak times mid-February to mid-April this may increase to 9 weeks). Please note that VAT is quoted separately.
Is there a minimum order quantity for Custom medals?
Yes but in recognition of demand we have lowered the minimum order quantity to just 200. If you are looking for a smaller number of excellent Standard medals we can still help you, please refer to our Standard & Budget Medals & Ribbons page
We need Trophies for our event to accompany our new medals, can you make a recommendation?
Absolutely! For the best selection of Trophies, Awards & Engraving in the UK contact our Sister business Supreme Engraving Awards UK here www.supremeengraving.co.uk
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